We've submitted myEcho 1.0.1 for iOS to the AppStore. You should see that automatically get updated in the next few days.

  • We've added a hint for users that may have an iPhone 4 (sorry, no Siri on a 4) or who may have Siri simply turned off.
  • We've updated our privacy policy to be extra clear about what we do, and what Apple does.
  • We've added clarity around which open source libraries we use. You can also check the footer of all the pages on the main myEcho website.
  • We've also added some extra error handling for some obscure errors we're trying to track down.

We've bumped the myEcho Windows Companion app to It should automatically prompt you to update as well.

  • We've had a few users outside the use have trouble with their DNS and connecting to hub.myechoapp.com (our relay) and we've added a check for that.
  • Some folks have had trouble behind an authenticated proxy server. We've changed the app.config to inherit the default proxy if there is one. Please let us know if you have an authenticated proxy and myEcho isn't working.
  • Some unpatched .NET 4 machines need KB2468871 to work with myEcho, so we've added a check for that as well. Let us know if you're having trouble on Windows XP or older Windows 7 machines.

If you've got a good bug for us, PLEASE email us at apps@myechoapp.com and we'll check it out. Please include your geographic location and your computer name in your email.


Scott and Greg


Comment by Greg

Are you going to make a WP8 version?