Still seeing some errors with folks behind authenticated proxies. I'm seeing HTTP 407s and 401s. If you're behind an authenticated proxy, do let us know at http://support.myechoapp.com.

I've just released myEcho for Windows to fix (I hope) this very issue. We will use your default credentials and the IE system configured proxy.

Let us know if you have trouble, and thanks for supporting myEcho!

Scott Hanselman


We've submitted myEcho 1.0.1 for iOS to the AppStore. You should see that automatically get updated in the next few days.

  • We've added a hint for users that may have an iPhone 4 (sorry, no Siri on a 4) or who may have Siri simply turned off.
  • We've updated our privacy policy to be extra clear about what we do, and what Apple does.
  • We've added clarity around which open source libraries we use. You can also check the footer of all the pages on the main myEcho website.
  • We've also added some extra error handling for some obscure errors we're trying to track down.

We've bumped the myEcho Windows Companion app to It should automatically prompt you to update as well.

  • We've had a few users outside the use have trouble with their DNS and connecting to hub.myechoapp.com (our relay) and we've added a check for that.
  • Some folks have had trouble behind an authenticated proxy server. We've changed the app.config to inherit the default proxy if there is one. Please let us know if you have an authenticated proxy and myEcho isn't working.
  • Some unpatched .NET 4 machines need KB2468871 to work with myEcho, so we've added a check for that as well. Let us know if you're having trouble on Windows XP or older Windows 7 machines.

If you've got a good bug for us, PLEASE email us at apps@myechoapp.com and we'll check it out. Please include your geographic location and your computer name in your email.


Scott and Greg


My friend and partner Greg Shackles and I are proud to announce our app "myEcho" is now available in the US App Store for iPhone. Consider this our Beta Launch. We'll have servers and support for the rest of the world after this soft launch lets us know how our systems survive.

What is myEcho? myEcho is iOS dictation for your Windows PC.

We like our iPhones and we like to dictate text with them. Before today, however, dictation on Windows involved either training applications like Dragon to understand you or wrestling with the Windows in-built voice recognition system. Siri and the iPhone/iPad has fantastic dictation ready to go...why not bring that quality to Windows.


myEcho has two apps:

Once you pair our Windows companion app with your phonejust speak to your phone and your words appear in whatever Windows application is in front.

We don't store any of your words and your data never touches our disks. You can unpair your phone anytime, or just close the app!

Just speak and your words appear. To speak whole paragraphs of text, also speak your punctuation comma just like this exclamation point ;)

TIP: We think that speaking punctuation is super important. You'll want to say "How are you doing question mark I am doing well comma myself exclamation mark."

If you don't want to install the Windows app, try pairing the iPhone app with our website! You can test it out online, right on here on the site.

After you've tried myEcho out, you can unlock unlimited dictation for just $1.99. Your myEcho purchase is tied to your AppleID. The Windows Companion App has no DRM or licensing and you can install it on as many machines as you'd like.

We hope you enjoy using myEcho as much as we enjoyed creating it.


We're working on myEcho right now. Surprisingly there's more paperwork and business stuff to do than actual coding. The app is 90% there, and we're currently working on the onboarding process and scaling out the backend cloud services.

We're hoping to get 1.0 (or 0.9) into the AppStore in the next 6-8 weeks.

Of course, we're a stealth startup and you all don't even know that we exist, so these dates mean nothing! Nothing to see here! Move along!

Soon. Very soon.



Scott and Greg